Welcome to Holmes Made Salsa

Holmes-made salsa is an extension of Holmes Produce, our family produce business established in 1924 by Ollie Holmes (grandpa) This Wichita tradition continued with his two sons Wendell and Bruce who supplied many of the local grocers with the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Bruce and his daughter (Tricia) created a summer tradition making salsa from garden fresh produce. Tricia continued this tradition by making salsa for family, friends, and co-workers. When the requests to replenish salsa kept flowing in, she realized the plan God had put in place for her, and accepted it graciously. Tricia started selling Holmes-Made Salsa downtown at the Farmers Market, on the very same corner that her grandpa Ollie use to sell produce. With the help of family and friends, the salsa business has expanded to a new location at 2252 N Coolidge, Wichita,Ks.


Hatch Green Chiles :

We fire roast our Hatch Green Chiles for that award winning flavor.
Heat index 2-3 (500-2500) scoville units.

Jalapeno :

Range from dark green to red. Use whenever recipe simply calls for hot chile peppers. They can be fresh or canned. We use Jalapenos in all of our salsas. Heat index 5-6 (4500) scoville units.

Serrano :

Longer and thinner than Jalapeno with similar color. Can be found canned, pickled, or packed in oil with vegetables. Often served in Thai or Mexican dishes. We use Serrano in most of our salsas.
Heat index 6-7 (7,000-25,000) scoville units

Thai :

Very hot small thin pepper. Colors range in yellow, orange, green and red. Famous in hot Asian cuisine. We use Thai peppers in our spicier salsas.
Heat index 7-8 (50,000-100,000) scoville units

Habanero :

One of the hottest peppers grown, World reknown for its intense and sometimes dangerous heat. Only for the brave at heart! We use Habanero peppers in our XX HOT, and Nightmare salsa. Also, in our tasty Peach Habanero Fruit Spread Heat index 10 (150,000-580,000) scoville units

Naga Bhut Jolokia :

(Ghost Peppers) The hottest naturally grown pepper in the world! Originating in India, it is used to keep elephants off the fences. (855,000-1,050,000) scoville units. Can be up to 5x hotter than Habanero peppers. We use Ghost Peppers in our Nightmare salsa.


Salsa has been voted Americas #1 condiment! Salsa is much more than just a dip. It adds flavor and color to some of your favorite dishes. So get creative and go crazy with salsa.

Jan 21…. …Indoors, Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market (21st & Ridge)


Feb 4-5…….Tulsa Women’s Expo

Feb 11…..Indoors, Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market (21st & Ridge)

Feb 10-12… An Affair of the Heart, OKC Fairgrounds


Every Saturday, Outdoor Farmers’ Market 21st & Ridge (weather permitting)

Mar 2-5…… Wichita Home Show

Mar 3-5…… Little Rock VMD

Mar 10-12 Wichita VMD

Mar 24-26… KC VMD


April – October)…Every Saturday, Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market (21st & Ridge)

April 15-16….Wamego Tulip Festival

April 28-30….Wichita Women’s Fair


May-August….Every Saturday, Kansas Grown Derby Farmers’ Market Madison Central Park

May 27-29… Market on the Paseo OKC


Sept 15-17…. Little Rock VMD

Sept 30…… Whimmydiddle


Oct 7-8…. Weston Applefest

Oct 14-15…. Sugar Mound Lynn County Fairgrounds

Oct 20-22… An Affair of the Heart OKC Fairgrounds

Oct 21-22…. Maple Leaf Baldwin City

Oct 28… Stone Soup Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market


Nov 4….. Magdalen Bazaar

Nov 11… Gypsum Prairie Patch

Nov 10-12… Wichita VMD

Nov 18…. Salina See N Sell

Nov 18… Indoors, Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market (21st & Ridge)


Dec 2……. Derby Christmas Market, Indoors Madison Central Park

Dec 9……. Kansas Grown! Christmas Market (21st & Ridge)

Dec 16….. Kansas Grown! Christmas Market (21st & Ridge)